We install GPRS tracking devices to your vehicle you can track it, switch it off,  listen to anyone in your car incase of a conversation.  Our products are of high quality.

Features & Functions of GPRS Tracking

  • Track on command or by time interval or by distance.
  • Am/disarm by sms or phone call
  • Check the car`s real physical
  • Track by mobile sms to get the latitude, longititude , speed, direction and odometer etc.
  • Check direction directly by Google map`s URL.
  • Online website tracking by GPRS data network.
  • Odometer function.
  • Over-speed alert.
  • GEO-fence alert.
  • Movement alert which can be used as an alarm.
  • Voice monitoring.
  • Cut off engine to stop the car safely by SMS/GPRS.
  • Bult-in shock sensor for power saving and triggering alarm
  • Built-in rechargeable backup battery; when the car battery is cut off or low enough, the system will send out power failure alert immediately
  • Support SOS button (optional)
  • Support analog input for fuel monitoring(optional)
  • 1/0;3 inputs and 1 output
  • It can upgrade the normal car alarm with remote alarm function
  • Compact size with water-proof design
  • Wide working voltage rang from 6v-36vdc;suitable for motorcycle, car or big truck
  • Friendly sms operation commands and sms contents in different languages (English, Chinese Arabic, Pottuguese, Spnish)
  • There 3 types of working modes for power saving flexibly